3115 East Mulberry Fort Collins, CO 80524

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5 x 8    Ideal for small apartments or single room moves.  starting at 69.99
8 x 19   The ideal size for a large apartment or house move or renovation.  starting at 139.99
Climate Controlled 

5 x 5     Keep your belongings out of Colorado temperature swings.  starting at 59.99
5 x 8     Space for a small move or declutter your home.  starting at 89.99
5 x 10    Enough room for a small or medium size apartment.  starting at 99.99 
10 x 10  The space you need for storing your larger items.  starting at 149.99 
10 x 27  Move your entire home into this climate controlled space, electricity available.  starting at 259.99 


4 x 4 x 4  Deceptively large space great for storing boxes and seasonal items, climate controlled. starting at 39.99

4 x 5 x 4  Same deceptively large space with a little more length, climate controlled. 44.99 

Valet Tote Storage  Oversize tote that you fill with what you please,  drop it off, and we handle the rest. Your items will be kept in a secure climate controlled area until you need them.  starting at 3.99