What’s in the Box?! How to Hide Presents and Drive Me Crazy

Since I was a child I wanted to know what my parents got me and my sister for Christmas. Just like Brad Pitts’ character in Seven, I wanted to know what was in the box. I would methodically go through my house after school looking for a present. It added to the excitement of Christmas, I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, but the pursuit was half the fun.

I am sure my parents had a good idea I was hunting, because the presents were always wrapped immediately. Once, I had located hidden presents I would inspect them like a bomb technician; size, weight, consistency, can I see through the wrapping paper, can the wrapping paper hold up to me peeling back some of the tape, etc.. Needless to say, we were not a household to wrap presents in gift bags.

Nothing has changed since I was a kid; if someone told me they hid a present in my house I would tear through it until I found the hidden treasure. I don’t think I am alone on my passion to peak in Christmas presents to come. I think there is a group of us who love to ruin a surprise and/or just can’t bear not knowing – we are inquisitive and incorrigible.

If you know a person(s) like me, you should have some interest in the Valet Tote Storage at Secure Space Self Storage. You can rent as many totes as you need to hide your presents from nosy receivers. It’s simple. You come by our Mulberry location, fill out some paperwork, take a tote with you or fill it up in our store. We will secure the tote with serialized zip ties and store it in a secure climate controlled space until you need it – far away from prying eyes.

There are two Valet Tote sizes, small and large; small being perfect for gifts and goodies smaller than a microwave, and the large is great for bulkier items that could fit in an over sized laundry basket. The small rents for $3.99/month and the large for $4.99/month. A small price to pay for sticking it to killjoys like myself. If you have more questions head on over to our website or give us a call at 970-825-0298 and we would love to help. Obviously, these Valet Totes are not only for presents or this time of year, many other practical items can be store in them year round.

ALSO -This is not a call to action for anyone that I know -my mind will explode if someone I know told me they were storing something for me at my work. My skin is crawling just thinking about it. Happy Hunting Killjoys!



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