It’s almost that time of year … Holidays

The holidays are pretty amazing, you get to eat and drink more that usual, homes are decorated in your neighborhood, and you get to spend more time with family. I personally love driving through Old Town Fort Collins and seeing all the lights.

With all the ups comes some downs.

I appreciate my friends and family so much that I do want to give back, with time and traditionally presents as well. It means a lot to me to be able to show ‘my people’ and those less fortunate how much I really do care, but it can put a burden on the pocketbook at times. And I don’t think I am alone.

Obviously, you may be wondering how the heck does the holidays play into self storage (this is a storage website after all). Secure Space Self Storage knows the holidays can be a financial strain and the idea of moving anything in snow or poor weather doesn’t sound like a good experience either. Secure Space Self Storage is now offering 3 months rent for the price of two. If you move in now, you will be charged the prorated portion for November, prepay for December, and get January FREE. This will hopefully ease the burden of extra spending and you wont need to worry about paying rent until February 1,2017. Plus, you can clear out your house or garage of extra items before you have guests over.

Rent 3 months, but only pay for 2. Don’t worry about paying rent until February 1, 2017  (Promo Code: DAYLIGHTSAVINGS)

Check out our website, give us a call at (970)825-0298 or come to our Mulberry location at 3115 East Mulberry Fort Collins, CO 80524 to talk with us in person.


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