Real Life Tetris and the Art of Saving Money

With the exception of Movers, most of us over estimates the amount of space they need when storing their items. It’s hard to envision how things would look if they were stacked perfectly like a Jenga game that hasn’t yet been played when they are dispersed around your house. When it comes to storage spaces some facilities attempt to sell customers on their ceiling heights, unless you are storing tall objects or you happen to be a tall person, most people rarely stack higher than what they can reach.

At Secure Space Self Storage we offer a middle man in the storage game, our Lockers are a few steps up from our Valet Tote Storage and a few steps down from a traditional unit. These units are 4′ x 4′ x 4′ and 4′ x 5′ x 4′- that’s right they are only 4 feet tall. All too often when a customer looks at the Lockers they assume that their items would never fit in there – for some that is very true, obviously if you are storing anything larger, like a bed, it’s unrealistic, but for all those boxes you will be very surprised.

Lockers are secure, climate controlled, and economical.

Instantly, anyone who starts to load their belongings into a Locker will hear Phil Collins Sussido  playing in the background as their late 80’s Tetris loving self awakens. Fast forward 10-15 minutes and you’re locking your unit and triumphantly moving on with your day. Who doesn’t want to declutter and save money?



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